Regularly scheduled workshops, described below, explore a variety of photographic processes and concepts.  Additional workshop topics include basic camera 101, classic film development, traditional photo prints with an enlarger, digital negatives, Albumen or Kallitype printing, lighting, and many more.  Contact Doug to inquire about additional topics or schedule private instruction.

 To register for a workshop, use the contact form and select "Register for an event."  You will be invoiced for the registration fee. 

Camera Basics 101

Duration: 1 day (3 hours)
Capacity: 1-5 students
Experience Required: None. SLR camera required.

If you have a camera, digital or film, with P, A, T, and M modes and want to take your skills up a notch, this workshop is for you. In a beginner friendly way we will discuss basic exposure and how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO play a role in not only getting you the correct exposure, but also in making your photos stand out in the creative way that you see in your head. You will be guided in how to set your camera for a variety of shooting situations including sports, nature, landscapes, still life, and portraits.

Cyanotype Prints

Duration: half day (2-4 hours)
Capacity: 8 students
Experience Required: None. Children ages 6 and older welcome.

Cyanotype is one of a number of alternative photo printing techniques invented in the 1800s. This is a very simple process that can be done by children to make easy ‘sun prints’ but also can yield beautiful results as toned art prints.

Younger participants will make sun prints placing objects on sensitized paper, exposing in the good old sunshine, and washing the paper with the garden hose. Adults will coat their own paper and will make contact prints using digital negatives from an image you provide. You have the option to retain the cyanotype’s characteristic blue color or tone the image in a variety of solutions offered (red wine, tannic acid, green tea, etc).

Darkroom Basics

Duration: half day (4 hours)
Capacity: 3 students
Experience Required: Basic photography. Film camera recommended, or one will be provided.

You may have shot film years ago and sent it out for processing and prints. Or you may have actually been in a darkroom in college class. Or you normally shoot digital. Regardless, you want to get in the darkroom and experience the magic. Nothing can quite describe the joy of watching your photo print appearing before your very eyes. In this workshop you can bring exposed film or you can shoot a roll here. You will load your film into a tank and develop it yourself. You will learn to push and pull for different exposures and effects. And then we will get that film in the enlarger and make real photo prints. We can even discuss how you can easily develop film at home.

All materials provided.

Film Photography

Duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Capacity: 4 students
Experience Required: Basic photography

Film photography is a great way to restore your enthusiasm for image making. Whether you own a film camera and want to learn to use it or you will use one provided in the workshop, I guarantee that you will have an interesting day shooting film. We will cover the various formats and types of film (yes film is still available). You will load your cameras and learn any nuances of the film camera you are using. After shooting a roll of film during the workshop we will retire to the darkroom where you will develop your film. Time permitting you may actually make a print of your film using a traditional enlarger or we will scan your film into digital files.

A film camera is not required but encouraged. Otherwise, cameras, film, and all other materials will be provided.

Introduction to Large Format and the View Camera

Duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Capacity: 4 students
Experience Required: Basic knowledge of exposure concepts

 Large Format film photography offers a more contemplative approach to making great images. It also offers creative control and image quality not possible with 35mm analog or digital cameras. Participants will be taken through a number of exercises on 4x5 and 8x10 studio and field cameras to master composition, focusing, exposure, and the wide array of camera movements.

Introduction to Wet Plate

Duration: 1 day (4-6 hours)
Capacity: 6 students
Experience Required: None

 Introduction to Wet Plate is an exciting one-day workshop for beginners with little or no experience in this vintage technique from the 1800s. Each participant will execute the process from start to finish creating their own tintype photos. Activities will include:

  • Pouring and sensitizing photographic plates

  • Composing shots on the view camera

  • Developing and fixing the plates

  • Drying and varnishing the plates

Each participant is guaranteed to go home with at least one or two vintage masterpieces that they created with their own hands. Limited seating assures individual attention.

Lighting Basics

Duration: half day (3-4 hours)
Capacity: 5 students
Experience Required: Basic camera skills. DSLR with hot shoe recommended.

You may be taking pictures with existing light and not be real happy with the results. From available light to continuous supplemental light to strobe lights we will cover it all. You will learn the effect of small and large light sources, color temperature, multiple source intensities, reflectors, strobes, softboxes, and more. And you will learn how to light for portraits, still life, product photography, and outdoor fill. If you are thinking about buying a flash or strobe, this workshop will help you to understand what you really need and how to use it.

Pinhole Photography

Duration: 1 day (4 hours)
Capacity: 8 students
Experience Required: None

 Pinhole Photography is a fun one-day workshop for everyone who wants to explore making real images with a simple homemade camera. Each participant can use available materials or bring their own materials for constructing their camera. You will then make pictures with your pinhole camera and likely be amazed at the results.

Van Dyke Brown Prints

Duration: half day (4 hours)
Capacity: 4 students
Experience Required: Basic photography skills

Van Dyke Brown is one of a number of alternative photo printing techniques invented in the 1800s. The process creates nostalgic brown-toned images. In this workshop we will take an image you provide, create a digital negative, coat and dry the paper, expose and develop the paper, then fix and dry your print.